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Is there bike theft in Adelaide?

April 26, 2009

I am a lucky one. I have a safe place to store by bike at work and unfortunatly I don’t get to ride to the markets and city that often.

Is there a high bike theft rate in Adelaide?

Padlock your quickrelease

Padlock your quickrelease (picture from Bike Hacks blog)

Bike Hacks blog have some good tips on securing your bike. What is equally as annoying as getting your bike nicked is getting part of it nicked – like a wheel. Quick release wheels do have some disadvantages.

Bike Hack came up with a solution. The padlock. More recently the hack has been enhanced with some extras.

It’s a shame that you can’t park your bike and 100% expect it to be there when you get back.

Do you ride your pride to leave it?  What are the best locking tips.

Failing all that you could always ‘uglifiy your bike’.

Or get yourself a pub/ shop / commute to the badlands bike.


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