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Giant Boulder

2006 Giant Boulder

2006 Giant Boulder

I bought this in 2006 from Woolies Wheels Sydney and I’ve been happy with it. I replaced the knobblies with Specialized Armadillo tires and just recently added a rack and two panniers. It is heavy but for a 6km commute along Linear Park it’s comfortable.

Ricardo Elite

Ricardo Elite

Ricardo Elite

I Sort of inherited from an in law this is a classic Adelaide bike. Ricardo built bikes in SA from the mid 70’s the early ’90s when they were bought by Repco who moved their production overseas.

Bought around 1982 this steel framed racer has 10 speed Shimano 600 groupset which, for the time, was the top of the range now replaced by Ultegra.

I have redone the bottom bracket, front wheel bearings, headset, new cables, removed all hardware, removed rust, polished with Sonax and Mothers Chrome polish. It is admired by many who recognise what it is.

The main problem is the seatpost is stuck, really really stuck. Unfortunately is is about 5cm to high for me. I will get it fixed sometime – or I might just live with it.

Giant OCR2

Only had this for a few weeks and with a new back wheel, chain, cables etc it runs well. I’m still getting the seat height and handlebar pitch right but all in all riding a roadie has been a new experience for me.

  1. Charles permalink

    Hi there,

    I love bikes and I was looking for a road bike for my dauther. Yesterday I just found Richardo racing bike in second hand shop for $5!!!. It was rideable, althgo it needed proper cleaning little bit of adjusting and new tyres.
    I just guess it may be 30 years old but it is in very good condition as it must’ve very little use.
    It does have 6 gear free wheel, but it apears that it should have 8 gear free wheel instead.

    Is there anywhere I can find more about it.
    Should it be as famous as it apears I might fully restore it as there is bit of rust.

    Any hints?

    Thank you


    • Hi,

      Ricardo bikes were made in Adelaide from the mid 70s to the mid 80s when they were bought out by Repco and production sent to China. Mine is an Elite but there was a wide ranges for all levels While it might be in good condition the fact is technology has changed and bikes have got a lot better and lighter. The gears on the bike might be at a quite high ratio making it hard to climb hills and if your daughter is wanting to get into cycling she might be put off the first time she has to climb a hill with a group. I think looking for a bike that is reasonably up to date might be better – my other bike is only worth about $600 and is a Giant OCR compact. They are ideal for women.

      I do think grab the Ricardo and get on it yourself or do it up and flog it on eBay. Many people buy old bikes for their frames because of the latest Fixed Gear craze. Are you in Adelaide? or Australia? The group is full of knowledge as is forums. is also a place to look for bikes but really for the best advice any local bike shop is better. A good bike is a very important thing.

      Good luck,


  2. David Butcher permalink

    I picked up a Ricardo Tri-Series about 5 or 6 years ago from a mate that bought it new but wasnt riding it. It has Exage groupset, but have replaced wheels with some nice rolling Mavics that I cadged from another mate along with 105 rear derailler.
    I put a flat bar on it as found the narrow drop bar precarious when taking hand off to change gears, and have been riding it regularly ever since.
    Have now picked up some Compagnolo Veloce gear from another colleague and planning to strip and powdercoat frame and fit this gear with a wider drop bar and compact front crankset…as have grown to love riding it and appreciate its ride and simple looks…to be enhanced with new paint. So will be after new headset, seatpost, quill, handlebar, crankset (current Campag is worn and only 170mm cranks…I am 183cm) and other small bits such as seat tube, clamp for the derailler, etc.

    Does anyone know what thread the bottom bracket is (English or Italian) as will probably need to do a new one of these also.

    Doing the whole project on minimal budget so interested in your spares that could suit and swap out / trade in order to make this bike look like it feels to ride…

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