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About Me

This is a blog about urban cycling in the city I live, Adelaide, South Australia. It’s also the blog associated with the social networking site I set up Adelaide Cyclists.

I’m a father of two boys under 6 and ride on weekends and commute by bike as much as I can. My commute takes me down Linear Park to Walkerville which is relaxed, easy and safe.

Recently I was lent a Giant OCR2 road bike and it was not the sort of bike I planned to ride but you can’t turn down a free offer and before long I’ve found myself climbing Norton Summit and getting up early on Sunday mornings to ride with a roadies group.

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  1. andrew wyrill permalink

    What time would you ride past the golf course Gus?? Maybe one morning I could share the ride to Walkerville with you???

    • Ha. Usually about 850am. I’d go earlier and ride all the way to 7 and back to work (2!) sometime! Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are the usual days.

  2. Steve Fangman permalink

    I’m visiting Adelaide starting next week thru 15 Dec. Am an avid road cyclist, and first time visiting Australia. Is there an option to rent a road bike while I’m visiting? I have been looking, but have not found a shop who will rent a nice road bike. Any ideas?

    • This question has been asked before on the cycling community site I run. The only answer I have ever seen is:

      try Bike About
      Then click on the link that says BIKE HIRE……
      it gives you info for the hire of road bikes….
      Unfortunately the shop is located at woodside …
      Shop Address – 2/80 Onkaparinga Valley Rd
      South Australia 5244
      Phone – 08 8389 7681
      Bike Hire Rates

      Road Bike

      $45.00 full day (24 hours)

      Mountain Bike
      $30.00 full day (24 hours)
      P/up / Delivery $20

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