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How Adelaide Cyclists site came about.

April 26, 2009

I’ve been asked how the Adelaide Cyclists website, or social network if you prefer, came about.

I had seen Sydney and Melbourne cyclist sites built on this same platform with around 700+ members and forums seeing a lot of discussions being had. Having moved from Sydney to Adelaide not quite two years ago and have been impressed with Adelaide as a cycling city (and then events like the TDU take it off the scale!)

I was not a road bike rider (I have just started riding a Giant OCR2). Most of my riding was as a commuter and even then I ride on Linear park but I came across a great blog and bi-monthly ‘handmade’ magazine called Urban Velo out of Pittsburgh and summarises itself officially with: Urban Velo is a reflection of the cycling culture in current day cities but I like the simpler question it asks it’s readers and contributors:

Why do you love cycling in the city?

That pretty much covers everything I want from Adelaide Cyclists. A site for anyone who loves riding a bike of any kind in Adelaide.

picture: Gino (Flickr)

picture: Gino (Flickr)

As well as the actual riding I became interested in the mechanical, technical and urban cultural aspects. I don’t ride a fixie but I am fascinated how these movements startup and grow a following. I have a young family and life is busy so I also created the site to maybe meet fellow bike lovers who want to get out for a social ride or even help push myself to ride more – even when it’s wet and cold outside.

Some might wonder about the website build. It’s created on a platform called a site that allows anyone to create a social network. Ning manage all the usernames, logins, passwords, data management and hosting etc. It is a very powerful and flexible technology. (Another cycling related site on Ning is Veloist.) So really apart from naming the site, selecting some colours and creating a few groups to get started the rest of the site it up to it’s members to help make it an interesting site with good discussions, blog posts, picture and posting and events. I encourage everyone who is a member already to help invite others to spread the word and also start conversations and add content and if you are reading this and you are not a member please take a minute to sign up. It is confidential and secure and a great way to be involved in Adelaide’s cycling community.

There is excitement amongst members that as (yes the URL is almost with us) grows we’ll be able to host meet ups, group rides, be a voice for cycling in Adelaide and a resource for all sorts of cycling information.

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