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The GOOD Guide to Biking for the Planet

June 14, 2011


Don’t just run your errands—bike them! In the U.S., it’s estimated that 40 percent of all urban trips are two miles or less. Unfortunately, 90 percent of those trips are usually by car, which adds up in fuel and carbon emissions. If you consider that each mile you travel by bike instead of car prevents one pound of carbon dioxide emissions from entering the atmosphere, the benefits of bike riding becomes clear.

In addition to reducing environmental impact, we at GOOD love biking because of how healthy, inexpensive, and fun it can be. We encourage everyone to make biking a daily habit and we’re teaming up with CLIF Bar to help get the word out.

CLIF Bar has introduced the annual 2-Mile Challenge, a nationwide campaign to encourage biking whenever you’re traveling within a two-mile radius of your home. To add more incentive and fun to the challenge, participants will earn points for one of three awesome nonprofit groups, helping it win a part of the $80,000 grand prize.

So sign up today! Helping the planet, supporting a great nonprofit, getting healthier—do you still need more reasons to start biking? Then check out our stories and get inspired to be the best urban biker you can be with tips on how to ride safely, find the gear you need, and get involved in your community.

Illustrations by Gavin Potenza


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