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David Cameron rides to work without a helmet

April 7, 2010

.. but some are saying he should be applauded for his topless bike ride to work?

I totally agree helmets should be worn all the time but the author of this blog post in the Guardian promotes the arguement that wearing a helmet is a safety myth. But it’s not only this writer, the UK National Cyclists Organisation agrees:

The idea that it is somehow ‘dangerous’ and ‘irresponsible’ to cycle without a helmet is a total myth. It merely puts people off cycling and contributes to the increase in the level of obesity and other inactivity-related illnesses, which kill tens of thousands of people every year. If we are to encourage people to take up cycling – with all its benefits for our health, our streets, our environment and our wallets – then we need to promote it as a safe and enjoyable way to get around for day-to-day travel, wearing normal clothes.

. again another sign nutters vote Tory!

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