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33% hill climb comp in San Fran

March 17, 2010

As reported by the LA Times, the annual Fargo St hill climb in Los Angeles occured this past weekend, with 100+ people turning out to try their hand at the 33% grade road. While the record stands at 101 ascents in a day, for 2010 the high number was half that at 51 this year. And to think, like so many of these outrageous tests of strength it all started with a bet…

…the inaugural event in 1974, when someone bet bicycle enthusiast Darryl LeVesque $100 that he couldn’t make it up Fargo Street.

In front of a crowd of about 50 members of the Los Angeles Wheelmen bicycle club, LeVesque and his wife, Carol, got onto a tandem bicycle. As they were preparing for their climb, a man on a track bike made a sudden, unplanned run at the hill and cycled to the top.

LeVesque, 64, who came to watch Sunday’s ride, said he still harbors resentment. “He was some young punk,” he said. “He stole our thunder.”

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