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Podcast: 5000+, a new plan for Adelaide’s Future

June 6, 2011

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Today the integrated design commission and Adelaide City Council announce a new strategy called 5000+ intended to give communities a platform to have a voice about the future of inner Adelaide.

The integrated design commissioner Tim Horton gave the Bicycle Institute at its AGM on May 29 a preview of today's announcement. You can read the transcript and listen to a podcast of his presentation here on Adelaide Cyclists and on the website of the Bicycle Institute.

He told the members that  "the federal government had, for too long, stepped away from cities and left it to the states. The federal government has now moved back into that sphere and suggested that all future infrastructure funding will be based on cities having a rigorous vision for where they are going".

The plan is a collaborative project between the Adelaide City Council and its seven surrounding councils. Tim Horton says "not eight different jurisdictions, part of one space we're calling inner Adelaide".

The project has taken a year to get to this launch point where on the 7th of June, 2011, the Deputy Premier and the Lord Mayor will launch 5000+. Horton says "5000+ talks obviously to a post code. The "plus" also encourages us to look beyond just the 5000 postcode jurisdiction. Also the 'plus' is where do you want to take this. Let's look beyond just the individual CBD and start to see how the communities around fit into it."

The project nods at some overseas examples from Toronto, New York, Leeds, Charlotte in the US and even Canberra where in the last six months has instituted a new public consultation where their city wants to be.

Here in Adelaide the phases of this strategy are to engage in a civic conversation that will start in June around five themes.

• How can we make Adelaide a more liveable city?
• How can we make it a more vibrant city?
• How can we make it an even greener city?
• And two other questions, what is it around Adelaide, the Inner Adelaide area, that we need to consider when we talk about mobility and movement and transport?

The design commission points out a part of the project called 'Moving City'. He says it points at a street use hierarchy for pedestrians, cyclists and public transport then cars and trucks".

"Rather than allowing decisions to occur in an ad hoc manner, how can we allow some consolidated ambitions to build a bigger and better, brighter future"? He asks metaphorically.

Some of you might have seen or even contributed to Adelaide City Council's Picture Adelaide and might be wondering if this is just another double up but Tim Horton says no.

"Picture Adelaide is a component of this already. Don't think that this is about stopping the clock, going back to the beginning and asking everybody to feed back into these sorts of civic conversations that have already started. This is about building onto those into a much bigger whole."

His access to the information Picture Adelaide has thrown up has been interesting. "I don't know if you people (Bicycle Institute, SA members) have been going on the Picture Adelaide site, but it's extraordinary, most of what people love and want to create about the city is around a more walk-able, a more environmentally sensitive and a more visionary Adelaide, which is built around green themes".

"Once we start to slow cars and once we start to increase pedestrian and cycling, what we're able to do then to grow businesses along the streets, to increase the café culture, will, I think, pay in dividend. But it's something that small business needs to come on board with as well."

But will this project work? How is it different to the Adelaide 30 Year Plan?

"We can only make this happen because of those stakeholders that we've got in there. The Capital City Committee which is chaired by the Premier which also has cabinet ministers, the Lord Mayor, and some Adelaide city councillors on is the oversight group. This is the leadership team. That's the thing that I chair with the state, local, and federal government represented.

So only time will tell but Tim is hopeful of "re-imagining the city in what's a pretty ambitious kind of way."

Angus Kingston/ Bicycle Institute, SA.


Read: Tim Horton – Bicycle Institute AGM, May 2011 PDF


Photo: Tim Horton launches 5000+ at the Central Markets with the Adelaide City Lord Mayor Stephen Yarwood (Jeremy Miller)

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