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Another Sierra Adelaide bicycle

June 2, 2011

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My tourer was hand made in Adelaide in 1982 by Pulteney St Cycles and
I am sure they didn’t make that many but out and about the other day I
spotted another one.

After my podcast and printed article about the bicycle and its former
owner, Margaret Day, I received this email from Paul Anderson.

Just read your little article about your second-hand Sierra, and
thought I’d tell you my experience of Sam and his shop, Pulteney St

He was a significant figure in the bike world in Adelaide when we were
starting up Recycle Cycles (early 80’s), significant in that he was
new wave – not from a racing background, but like us, he was a
political cyclist. The 10 speed revolution was broaching Australian
shores, and at it’s apex was the custom built touring bike, and he was
right on top of that new way of thinking and riding.

He and a marvellous frame builder called Peter Rohde started a
business called Precision Cycles, where they built touring frames and
specialist equipment for disabled riders in a big corrugated iron shed
near Fisher Firearms on Magill Rd. Sam was/is a sharp dude, opening
his retail shop on Pulteney St (the most cycled street in Adelaide,
although no-one knew then because no-one counted cyclists), and in a
series of renovations raised the standard for bike shops by making a
light, airy, crisply arranged retail space. He was a stickler for
quality with a genuine love for bikes, and he made a lot of cyclists
happy with good advice and good products.

However, although we were competitors, Sam was an honourable
competitor, more focussed on converting another cyclist than denying
another bike shop the sale. He knew his value so he stuck to his
prices, but didn’t rubbish competitors as a sales tactic, knowing that
this does no good for the industry or cycling in general. It’s a shame
for the industry that in his case, the turds won.

Your Sierra was possibly made by Peter Rohde, in which case you own
one of the best made frames that you are ever likely to find……

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