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Jan Gehl on Creating Tomorrow’s Liveable Cities

February 6, 2011

I’ve just spent half an hour listening to the Bike Show Podcast. It is my favourite not only podcast but radio show – and coming from me that’s pretty big. Jack Thurston’s guest in the recent program was Mark Ames who writes the increasingly popular ibikelondon blog. What was interesting was not his ideas on how to be a blogger (and a cycling one at that) but his opinions from the Creating Tomorrow’s Liveable Cities forum where the star speaker was Jan Gehl and his ideas on making cities more cycling friendly and getting more people using bikes (five factors for a liveable city). The show contains a couple of excerpts from the forum but you can watch the entire 44 minute presentation on the Economist’s website here.

He also mentions Melbourne and talks about Sydney‘s plans which are beginning to eclipse Adelaide’s in speed of roll-out which is a bit unfortunate.

I highly recommend listening to the The Bike Show podcast and following some of the links to interesting cycling bloggers. Mark also posted on I Bike London he opinion about the forum and his account of asking a question to Eric Pickles, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government who in his reply said:

“Don’t be such a puritan. Not all of us can pedal up and down in rubber knickers you know; we need to find balance. Of course, let’s encourage cycling and walking, and we need to make cycling safer, but let us not treat people in cars like the enemy!”

Let’s hope there are no attitudes like that in our city’s leaders.

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