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The World Today – Sounds of Summer: Intrigue and heartbreak in cycling

January 10, 2011

It’s been described as the most successful piece of locally designed sporting technology since the winged keel of Australia 2 stole the America’s Cup back in the early ’80s. Yet very few people outside the world of track cycling have ever even heard of it.

The unnamed bicycle, designed in Australia in the late 1990s, dominated track cycling competitions around the world for almost 10 years – helping to break records and claim a treasure-trove of Olympic medals. The bike’s sleek, distinctive shape is synonymous with success on the track.

But when the ABC’s James Panichi set out to write an account of the ground-breaking design, he stumbled across an international story of intrigue, recriminations and heartbreak. Today, he’ll attempt to piece together just a few of the mysteries surrounding a bike which was to be known as the ‘Elliot Flyer’.


A must listen story.Audio, while it lasts, is here.


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