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Ah, the serenity

October 6, 2010

On Friday evening, the penultimate of winter 2010, I went for a ride and it was quite lovely and makes me so happy I cycle in Adelaide. I rode up Montacute Rd not really knowing where I would go except Marble Hill would be nice (and a PB for me).

I think the Montacute climb is the nicest of the ‘eastern four five’ of Lofty, Norton Summit, Montacute and Gorge Rd (you could also add NE Rd to Houghton) (update & Greenhill). If you have ridden it you’ll know the beginning is a nice gradient to get into the mood and then it kicks up. It was nearing peak hour and I think two cars passed me. Stopping for a drink at the post box before the houses (which is exactly 10kms from my house but may as well be a million miles) the only sound was something like an edger or a distant chainsaw.

Climbing again to reach where Corkscrew Rd meets Montacute only one car passes and the views down into the valley are great and there is that older house right above the road. Reaching the intersection this is what I see. (click to enlarge pics)



There were three of them. They are called Huffy something or other and the rear wheels are from a ‘Green Machine’ (kids of the 70s and 80s would remember them). This is not the first strange thing I’ve seen descending the Corkscrew. I’ve see skateboarders standing up on other occasions, you might have also seen them on the old Freeway or Willunga Hill. We had a chat and off they went followed by their team car that I later saw towing them back up again. I thought going up the Corkscrew was a challenge. Going down on one of these would be hair raising.

The sun was getting low and the golden hour began, a few descending cyclists said g’day and I went on to Marble Hill. This is who I met next.



This is what you hear when you ride slowly. A bit of a rustle by the side of the road and there was a echidna going about it’s business. I watched it go about it’s business totally ignorant of me watching. It gave me time to catch my breath then on to Marble hill… or that house that is buried under the hill or mound of dirt really. Have you seen that place? Coming from Norton Summit it’s easy to miss.

Ah, the serenity. It was so quite. The sun was getting lower over the gulf and it was wonderful. I don’t often ride in the evening. But all good things must end so I descended back the way I came, then down Corkscrew (past the three wheelers) and then down to the river as the glow began.


It looks so late summer eve but it was the last day of winter time. The river all the way along here and up to Cudlee Creek is really wonderful (albeit a bit of rubbish from the recent rains). I always wonder what, if I was to throw a line in, would I catch? I absolutely hate fishing but I do wonder. Again not a car around but it was now peak hour. When Gorge Rd hit civilisation I decided to take the Linear Park path instead of dealing with idiots on the rd with sun in their eyes. It’s great to do things differently sometimes.



As a footnote. I rode today, Sunday. I call it the Adelaide Tour de Water Supply. Along Gorge Rd – the Torrens and up to Kangaroo Creek Dam



Kangaroo Creek Dam is full. So full! Not just to the dam wall but all those little creeks that feed into it.



Then to Cudlee Creek and back via Chain of Ponds.



Then follow the pipeline to Anstey Hill and descend NE Rd.


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