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The liggett and Shewen Show

September 26, 2010
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I’m watching SBS’s Cycling Central and they’re screening the highlights of the final Belgium classic of the season. There are two commentators, who I am not saying they don’t know their stuff, but there are a million miles from Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwen.

They just are the sound of cycling. How can anyone ever fill their shoes? But what is it about these guys? History, knowledge, passion. It’s not just their voices it’s even the ambient sound of the broadcast of the Tour de France is unique and add these guys it’s just gold.

If you’ve ever read interviews with them you’ll know they have a strong friendship. These guys I’m listening to seem like pals as well but they sound like a couple of guys chatting over a pint, they have referenced pubs three times in twenty minutes. Bad jokes and poor microphone technique to boot

Then there is the Irish guy who sometimes pops up.. don’t get me started about him!

Matthew Keenan is our only hope. I don’t really know his story. Google is a bit light on but he is Australian and does a good job, especially as the warm up for the main act but will he take the place of Liggett in the “Sherwen & ..” show?

Liggett knows his cycling, he also knows skiing as well if you remember the Winter Olympics he was the saviour of the Channel 9 broadcast if you ask me. An amateur cyclist who was offered a pro contact in 1972 but he saw his future in journalism. So nearly 40 years later he is still going. Who has 40 years of experience to take up the slack?  The Kenyan raised Sherwen was a pro rider taking on the Tour de France seven times retiring in 1986. Not only can he speak he knows what he’s talking about having been there.

I am worried for the future of broadcast cycling!

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