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City of Charles Sturt’s Woodville Rd Concept Plans released

September 14, 2010

The City of Charles Sturt have released their plans for Woodville Village. This is an excerpt from page 87:


The 30-Year Plan promotes the creation of Greenways or Green Travel Corridors – corridors that are dedicated walking and cycling routes alongside existing rail corridors.

The Outer Harbor line rail corridor has been identified as a potential Green Travel Corridor, connecting the Adelaide CBD, via Woodville, to Grange. The concept of Greenways or Green Travel Corridors was also highlighted in the Greenways and Bicycle Paths policy.

DTEI have undertaken preliminary investigation of a fully linked Greenway along the Outer Harbor line. Results of the preliminary investigation place the Greenway on the northern side of the rail line, with consideration to making Belmore Terrace and Glenys Nunn Drive more cycling and pedestrian friendly, with the Greenway continuing as a 4m wide shared path through the Cheltenham development. The current shared path link, with a median cut through on Woodville Road, connecting Belmore Terrace and Glenys Nunn Drive, is envisaged as being upgraded to a pedestrian and cyclist actuated crossing, in line with current Greenway standards.

No additional pedestrian activated signals are proposed for the remainder of Woodville Road, although it is proposed to investigate establishing a pedestrian refuge near Woodville High adjacent to Leslie Street West.

See the City of Charles Sturt website including the Master Plan or download the full Woodville Master Plan [30mb PDF].

via | Bicycle Institute of South Australia


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