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Cycling friendly cafes in Adelaide?

September 10, 2010

I was skipping through my list of blogs I enjoy while having lunch today. I should post them up sometime, but they are dominated at the moment by end of northern hemisphere summer laziness. Images of cycling in the late afternoon to places that offer cool refreshments etc. I scanned over the Candy Cranks blog, written by an army of women who contribute to it from around the world, which featured a post by Meg is Sydney – Remi and Lees Cafe. Lots of cool young folk sitting around in a cycling friendly cafe in inner city Surry Hills. More than cycling friendly – cycling dedicated! The barista, Remy, wears a cycling cap while pulling shots.

Is there something like this in Adelaide? Could a business like this work in Adelaide?

The cafe features local artists, photographers and alike so there’s lots of interesting things to check out while you wait for a brew, including our very own Candy Cranks display.

See the full post and photos.

It isn’t the only one. In the London neighbourhood of Hackney is Lock 7 Cycles Cafe. Apparently inspired by a visit to Copenhagen. This was a mystery to the people behind the Copenhagenize blog who took this photo.

London again: Look Mum, No Hands. Not only is it a cafe, with a great reputation for coffee, food and beer it also operates as a workshop and gallery space. Only opening in April this year their website is something else.

We like riding our bikes and drinking coffee. We had an idea about combining stuff we like to make something special. We found a great space in a great location, cleaned it up and called it ‘look mum no hands!’ We show films and cycle sport on our big projector screen.

Finally the heavyweight on the block Rapha Cycling Club (London and NYC) as a part of their retail empire.

This May, for three months only, the Rapha Cycle Club will open in London. A unique combination of gallery, shop and café, the Cycle Club is a meeting place where riders can share their passion for road racing.

The interior is as you would expect….. fancy but I like this photo mostly.

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