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SA Dept of Transport’s new online ‘Cycle Instead Journey Planner’

August 10, 2010

The SA Dept of Transport have just announced their new Cycling Instead Journey Planner. It’s an online cycling trip planning tool. It’s a map tool using google maps to help Adelaide cyclists plan the best way of getting from A to B.

From the few test trips I’ve thrown at it I am impressed. You might have read that Google had attempted a ‘by bike’ route planner with their maps but it was quite criticised. The DETI planner allows you to choose your preferences such as – fastest, low traffic and maximise paths. This is where it is very smart. I asked it to give me a route from my suburb to Mawson Lakes using paths. It knew to use Linear Park and most impressively knew where the little bridge was for crossing over. It then offered me a route I had not considered and showed me it was 10.72km and should take me 33 minutes at an average (default) speed of 20km/h. The average speed can be reduced to 5km/h or increased to 50km/h. If you don’t like hills you can also set the maximum gradient you want to challenge you and it will re-route you around the steep bits. Once you have set your route you can print it out as ‘turn by turn’.

There are a few other nice bits. When entering your starting point or destination address it auto-complete as you type. There is a ‘legend’ where you can switch on mapped locations of crossings, police stations, bike lockups, train or bus stations and bike shops.

It’s a good tool for working out cycling trips but what it is more so is a great step forward for cycling in Adelaide and after doing a quick search I think it might be the first in Australia. Correct me if I am wrong.

Have a crack at it. What do you think?


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