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Development on Norton Summit Rd will affect cyclists.

June 14, 2010
I received an email from the Black Hill Pony Club, who are situated on the left hand side at the bottom of New Norton Summit Rd, a popular cycling destination for many of us. If you have ridden up that way recently you would have noticed all of the olive trees that covered the lower slopes behind the Pony Club have been cleared. The email from Reb says the land is slated for subdivision by the Government and some cyclists have expressed concern that the changes could adversely affect this popular route.

I rode up there yesterday just after reading Reb’s email and my guess is with more houses in there, depending on access roads, there will be more cars travelling up the lower stages of the road past the first and second switchbacks. These is a road you can ride and often no see any cars at all. The road is already quite narrow with no shoulder.

How does everyone feel about this? I don’t think we can stand in the way of progress but more highlight the dangers that increased population and use will incur.

What should we call for? Bicycle Lane? Widening? More signage warning of cyclists, flashing lights at certain times of the day?

The BHPC have a petition on their gate and are asking cyclists to sign it. If you can take the time to abandon your new PB and stop off and leave your mark Reb would appreciate it. They need to take it down this Thursday. I will offer your comments on this post as acknowledgement of the issue.

Please spread the word and ask your cycling friends to stop off or join Adelaide Cyclists and have their say. Maybe someone could take a photo for us.

Hi Adelaide Cyclists, 

I belong to the Black Hill Pony Club on Norton Summit Road. I am in the process of contacting cycling clubs to notify them that, in light of the recent situation with the Government’s plans to subdivide our land, a group of petitions have been placed on our club’s fence on Norton summit road. I was just wondering if you could spread the word that the petitions will be up until the morning of Thursday the 17th of June. Its a last minute attempt to get more support. A lot of cyclists use Norton summit road and after talks with a few of them, we realise how much it will also affect Adelaide’s Cyclists if the land is divided up for housing. 

Thanks for this, 

Reb + Black Hill PC

Norton Summit Rd (Pic: Tom Nguyen Adelaide ( CC)

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