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Spice up your cycle commute life.

June 3, 2010
Work,.. boring! Cycling to work again.. are you bored? He's a few of my ideas to spice up your cycle life.

1. Ride a different way – for me I took the 'other side of the river.' It's amazing what a bit of different perspective does.

2. Take a different bicycle. Why not take your wife's bike or borrow a friends. I just finished rebirthing one last week and rode it. Knobby tyres, different feel. Pity the crank fell off before I got there but that just created a new adventure.

3. Embrace the wet. If it's raining just get out into it. I rode a few weeks ago when we had that torrential rain in the morning and it was like being a kid again.

4. If you usually wear lycra just chuck some everyday clothes on and go.

5. Go slow. Take it easy, its not a race. Get to work late or just leave earlier.

6. Take the long way. Once a week or so choose a different route. Take the avenues you don't usually take. Pick some low hanging fruit (what do you call that Jeremy?)

7. Take a photo and share it.

8. Stop for a coffee (or even breakfast) somewhere before getting to work.

9. Change your pedals to flats. (I think I ripped that one off from somewhere)

10. Stop for a chat with another rider. I was rolling along Linear Park last week when I came up to an older man riding. He asked me what gear I was in to get up the hill. We chatted about cadence, tyres, efficient peddling and he told me he was in his 70s and had got back into riding because if you stop you're buggered and he used to run but he couldn't anymore with his knees. It was nice and I rode on. I also stopped a couple of days ago to help a guy whose crank had also fallen off and we had a chat about his bike and what might have gone wrong.

11. Take you bike off some sweet jumps.

12. Get some panniers and a rack – it really takes the workload off your back!

What do you do?


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