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Adelaide Cyclists & BISA podcast #5

May 25, 2010
This podcast is the keynote address at the 2010 Bicycle Institute of South Australia AGM by Adelaide City Councillor and as you will hear,
mayoral candidate, Stephen Yarwood.

Councillor Stephen Yarwood will officially announce his candidacy for Mayor today, Wednesday May 26, and that is good news for cyclists and after you listen to the address you might think it is good news for the city of Adelaide as well. He talks about cycling infrastructure and the future of Adelaide as a cycling city, car parking, the rise and rise of the electric bike and why the Sturt St Copenhagen lane was wrong.

Stephen Yarwood describes himself as an urban futurist he's also a town planner, research officer for environment, development and resources committee of state parliament, he's lectured around the world and is interested in Asian cities. he's currently doing his master of business administration and has been given a scholarship to complete that it Denmark over the next few months.

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