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Apollo rebuild progress

April 15, 2010

I got this old Apollo ‘apple green’ MTB from the street. It hung about for ages and finally I got around to spraying it. Tip: do not spray can paint a bike. It sucks and is a crap job but in these pics it  looks ok and soon I’ll stick some stickers on it. Get a powdercoat job on it if you care.

I started putting it all back together after giving  the parts a really good cleanup and asking the local bike shop to get the freewheel off and service the hub. It was an older style and really tough to remove.

I’d been thinking about chucking the brakes (Cantis) and buying some new V-brakes but today, after seeing some really nice Tektro ones on a
Surly LHT I decided I should stick with cantilevers. eBay had a fewwith postage from overseas was going to be around $40 plus the wait. In a Mittiga Cycles today I asked if they had a bolt that fixes the cable to the front derailieur (which they gave to me for nix) and while I was in there I saw they had some cantis for $27.. too easy. They might not be the lightest top of the range but they are new (and adjustable!) so tonight, with some tyres, they are on.

Cables next. Then new brake levers and possibly shifters.

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