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Thoughts on speed limits and workzones.

April 14, 2010

When I moved to SA I couldn’t believe it had 25km/h workzone speed limit. Coming from Sydney I mostly couldn’t believe car drivers adhered to to – tonight, coming home from the city at 10pm on my bike, I was thankful for that.

There is night roadworks on Lower Portrush Rd at Marden where I cross at the pedestrian lights near the Senior College. The city side was all blocked off and was being totally dug up and I was forced to go down the path towards the river to find a place to cross. I walked over to the middle, looked left to oncoming cars then stepped out straddling my bike right into the path of an oncoming car which stopped within a couple of meters because it was travelling at 25km/h.

Totally my fault. I didn’t even think that cars were being directed onto the wrong side of the road to move them around the workzone. If that car was doing 40km/h I would have been hit, if it was doing 60km/h it would have been worse.

The difference between 25, 40, 50 and 60km/h is a lot when it involved cyclists and pedestrians. Thankfully workzones are mostly obeyed. 40 or 60 on roads that cyclists frequently use should be seriously considered.


Pic: Slightlynorth ( Creative Commons)


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