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Adding insult to injury

March 9, 2010

Yesterday I nearly passed out at work and ended up in the Emergency Dept at Modbury. Not such a good look really.

Over the past week or so I’ve been meaning to book a session with a physio and have committed myself to a bicycle (and rider) setup. On Friday and Saturday I rode the MTB into the city and on Sunday I my ride was just fellow Adelaide Cyclists for the meet up ride down the river. So nothing strenuous but on Sunday afternoon I had a bit of a dead leg. And again yesterday I had a dead leg before keeling over. I’d also ridden the MTB on my usual commute – only 6kms.

All because of this.

So what happened. I sat in the ER with the best vitals of all of the patients but with pins and needles in my legs and feet. No stroke, no coronary incident just a squashed nerve. Today I booked in with a physio said if it was my sciatic nerve I would have been much worse. I do have some tender joints in my lower back, I don’t have as much movement in my left leg as I do in my right and a bunch of other stuff.

Why? I guess my MTB that I ride a few times a week for about 6kms is not suited to longer riding, I didn’t wear padded knicks or shorts and this list of reasons goes on. The seat doesn’t suit my sit bones, is set too far back, too far forward. 

Whatever it was I’ve spent too much time with my pants off in front of strangers.


[photo – Richard Masoner / CC)

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