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Adelaide Cyclists First Podcast is out.

January 31, 2010

Podcast PromoI started Adelaide Cyclists, the online community, nearly 12 months ago. At the time, after the buzz of the 2009 TDU, I considered starting just this blog with possibly a podcast as a part of that but reconsidered the idea of community and started Adelaide Cyclists as a social network (inspired by Melbourne and Sydney Cyclist). But podcasting was always on the agenda and now after a year, as a co-production with the Bicycle Institute of SA, our first podcast is out.

Go to Adelaide Cyclists to listen to the streaming file (and catch up on some interesting conversations if you haven’t logged in for a while) or download it directly from HERE.

In our first program Jeremy Miller, chair of BISA, talks one on one with the SA Minister for Transport, Patrick Conlon, in his office, about his love of cycling, the SA government’s plan for encouraging more, and safer, bicycle use in Adelaide in 2010 and into the future and what infrastructure is being planned or is currently being built.

We hope you enjoy this podcast and make sure you subscribe to the RSS feed or add it to your iTunes so you don’t miss out on future podcasts. We hope to keep them pretty regular. If you have any ideas for the programs, or you would like to do some recording, then drop me a line – I’m always up for more ideas and help.



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