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End of year message

December 21, 2009

Greetings Adelaide Cyclists.

Two and a half years ago I moved to Adelaide from Sydney. I knew it was a good cycling city, I rode the linear park to work and into the CBD but in February this year when the Tour Down Under and Lance fever gripped town it was cycling a cycling obsessed city – so I created this Adelaide Cyclists social network. (I wrote in April on ‘How this site came about‘ if you are interested).

Slowly through the winter and spring the cyclists joining us has grown and now I am happy to say we are now at 202. It’s nice to be able to say a number but the increasing strength and enjoyment it is really about how much activity, sharing, ideas, discourse and passion is featured on the pages. There might only be 202 signed up to post but there are well over 12000 page views per month and 50% of those coming to are new, or non signed up, members. So all of your ideas and passion for cycling in Adelaide is being read by many many people who I hope one day will have something to say or a question to ask and will join. That is the reason the site is not restricted for viewing by members only – it’s for everybody who rides a bicycle in Adelaide.

One pleasure of this community is the number of new, interesting and passionate people I’ve met (and not met face to face quite yet). I’ll save the thank yous for the end. I’ve taken to riding up Mt Lofty and, in Ianto Ware’s words, “my beloved” Norton Summit, which, as a city commuter, I used to say ‘no way! Are those people mad‘? but now I do it as well. I have a new understanding of advocacy, urban planning, sustainability and coming from Sydney and knowing Brisbane and Melbourne’s traffic woes a want not to see Adelaide go the same way.

In 2010 I hope this community will continue to grow. There are some exciting events being planned. With the Bicycle Institute of South Australia (BISA) we are going to do some podcasts, with Format Collective a bicycle ‘club’ night of recycle, maintenance, skill sharing and talks that will hopefully evolve into a regular meeting and with some begging some competitions, giveaways and, my secret fashion passion, some cycling caps (… or perhaps just t-shirts).

Thank yous – My wife Lucy for letting me do this and spend even more time on the computer and let me go out riding as well, the early members who had so much enthusiasm; Luke Hallam and Paul Hamon, Patrick Sunter for his interest, great writing, willingness to try out ideas for groups and backing us for financial support (pity you’ve moved back to Melbourne), Jeremy Miller and Sam Powrie; co-chairs of the Bicycle Institute of South Australia (BISA) who gave sponsorship (sorry I lost the cheque), Fairuz Azli for basically giving me the road bike and dragging me up Mt Lofty, Ianto Ware for his great book ‘21 Nights In July’ that was not only a great read but gave me a new perspective on cadence to help me up Mt Lofty better, Nick Hortovanyi (I will ride to Lobethal soon) and all the cyclists on Twitter, the group creators; Andrew Yip, Heather, Bicycle Fish, Jim Woods, David Bowler, Paul Anderson, Teddles, Adelaide Bicycle Polo Club, Steffo, Paul Hamon and Sue Wells and everyone who has joined up.

Merry Christmas and Happy & safe new year. Keep on riding!.


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