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The Copenhagen ‘smart’ bicycle wheel or Bicycle 2.0

December 15, 2009

MIT have chosen a rather ‘in’ name for their new ‘smart wheel’ – The Copenhagen Wheel had its debut it at, where else, the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference.

It aims to make riding easier and more enjoyable. How can that be? Basically it harnesses the energy when breaking and give you back that power to help you climb hills and by use of a sensor it can measure how hard you are working and lends you a hand. I guess it is really aimed at someone who really should ride a bike to the shops not get in their cars and not so much those of use who already ride a lot.

What is more interesting is its connectivity with an iPhone app that you mount on your handlebars to give you not only power levels and use but GPS advice on traffic, speed, directions and even pollution (never in Copenhagen!) and of course you can share it on social networks.

Also associated with the iPhone app is the idea of ‘green miles’.
“One of the applications that we have discussed with the City of Copenhagen is that of an incentive scheme whereby citizens collect Green Miles — something similar to frequent flyer miles, but good for the environment,” says Christine Outram, who led the team of MIT researchers.The project also aims to create a platform for individual behavioral change.

This Cnet report says that the wheel (which can be retrofitted to bikes) will cost US$500 – $1000 and is already being ordered by the Danish government to replace staff car fleets.

The article calls it ‘Bicycle 2.0’ which I think I am going to nab for a blog name!

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  1. It’s exciting but I don’t get it. There is not enough for retrievable from braking to be of much use on hills.I have an E bike and do believe they are breakthrough for urban cycling.

    But very few E bikes are regenerative because the drag that that would put on the wheel when pedaling normally. The power to be retrieved from braking and going down hills I’ve been told is so little, that it’s hardly worth collecting .

    But MIT is a very smart place and it hard to imagine they would have splashed this at Copenhagen unless it was really effective, I’m staying tuned.

  2. Judy permalink

    Interesting information and keep up the good work on the blog.

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