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Spoke + Spool clothing for bicycle lovers

December 4, 2009

I came across this new clothing label that is aiming to design clothing for city/ commuter bike riding.

They are adapting vintage clothes for better cycling use by adding padding and little bits of reflector tape compasses for a cute touch and also cleverly making some items reversable to hide the reflector stripes when not needed (like the mens vest)

While I am not sure I would go for the entire ‘outfit’ (a term my wife likes to use) I might get a few bits and pieces. I do think it’s great that designers (of clothes and other daily tools like bags, hats. lights etc) are thinking about ranges to suit and promote cycling. One of the biggest shortfalls in cities is how many people who could ride to work or other close locations don’t because they are put off thinking they need to wear fluro or lycra.

You only need to look at (most famously) Copenhagen and how blogs like Copenhagen Cycle Chic have generated a copycat movement of other cycle chic sites.

Sydney based company Lab Gear have an impressive range of predominanyly winter gear created wit merino wool but do have some good looking ‘drew’ t-shirts.

and some sturdy drill shorts.

I guess my wants in clothing is something that is comfortable, not a hinderance for riding a bike but mostly gear that doesn’t look like I’m wearing my cycling kit.

Swrve Clothing also do some good useful ‘non cycling’ type gear. These softshell trousers look pretty sharp.

..and finally, and really the top of the pack, is New Zealand’s Icebreaker. During winter, spring and autumn I always wear the Icebreaker baselayer ‘bodyfit’ top under my jersy to keep me warm and keep sweat off my body. Cycling Tips blog have their own view on baselayers, especially in the heat.

I guess what I am trying to say about cycling clothing is that it’s another sign of the growing popularity of urban cycling and intergration into everyday life when clothing can be designed to be subtlely useful for cycling and daily wear.

.. and really finally – the cycling cap. I reckon they should be more popular.

..and really finally..

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  1. alternatively, one could merely open their closet which is already filled with “cycling clothes”. Anything you can walk in, you can cycle in. Selling “cycling clothes” is overcomplicating the very simple act of riding a bicycle.

    This is Copenhagen Cycle Chic’s take on the issue:

    • I do agree. I guess I was more interested in how fashion labels have appeared around the theme of producing clothing for cycling showing how popular and mainstream cycling has (re)become.

      I do like just being able to ride to work in my jeans and get working but on the other hand the Icebreaker stuff is fantastic and makes cycling in the cold easier and it’s not out of place in a work or social situation — unlike fluros or lycra.

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