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My new cycling cap from Rocket Fuel Style

September 22, 2009
I finally got my act together and bought a cap from Sydney based vintage style cycle wear maker Rocket Fuel Style. It’s better than in the pictures on their site! Nice fit, comfortable, cool reflective strip. I reckon I could really get addicted to cap collecting.

For good reason:

Wearing a cotton Cycling Cap may protect your hair from ‘helmet hair’ syndrome, prompt strangers to do a double take as you walk by and let you get out of the house without your significant other rolling their eyes at you for wearing a cap…at night.

There are heaps of cool design possibilities too. This is my bit to promote their comeback into style (in Adelaide)

I think my wife and kids were a bit concerned. They could cope with me wearing the freebie from the TDU but I wanted to take it up a level. I told them they should be happy it’s not totally embarrassing (dads are meant to be aren’t we?

My dad, over the years wore a Tam O’shanter. and a denim sailing cap that we refused to turn the boat around to pick up one day when it blew overboard. His other great effort was a similar cap but in leather.. we used to call it his gay bikers cap….. so my kids have got nothing to worry about when it comes to embarrassment.

I hope I have made a convincing argument.


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