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Sustainable bicycles at sustainable house day

September 12, 2009

The idea is the houses in the village can hire there bikes from a pool to use to side to the shops etc. They are distributued by Urban Mover.

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  1. Hi

    An interesting idea. I wonder what sort of prices and how easy it will be to grab a bike. I suspect access and ease of use will be the critical factor here, but then for these sorts of trips in your local area, why not just have your own bike?


    • The bikes are about $1500 each and the batteries last around 2 yrs average use. ($700 to replace them)

      The eco village is hard to explain. It is on the river cycling path and the nearest shops about 1km or so up a slight incline. The idea is they want people to not use (or need) a car to go on short trips for groceries, or even longer trips into the city. The other point in it is expected a lot of the residents are going to be down scaler, retirees for whom riding a bike might seem a bit daunting.

      It is an interesting project. I live in the streets nearby but nearly bought into it. the bike people only had an international site .

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