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Award winning Australian designed commuter bike

June 23, 2009
The Switch Commuter Bike

The Switch Commuter Bike

I was listening to By Design on Radio National this afternoon and they had a story on the Aust. Design ‘Gold’ Award winning Switch Commuter bike designed by Robert Dumaresq  –  a Melbourne design student from Monash University.

The desciption is:

‘Switch commuter bike’ is a high performance folding bike that has
been specifically designed for easy handling in crowded environments,
taking up no more space than the footprint of one wheel.

‘Switch’ promotes sustainable living by encouraging people to use
pedal power as their primary mode of transport, creating a healthier
environment and life style.

In the interview Robert says it more clearly. He said he wanted to design a bicycle that still used a normal wheel size. Riders who want a folding bicyle because some of their journey requires them to use public transport and they don’t like the current designs of folding bicycle (I don’t blame them!)

Listen to the podcast of the interview with Alan Saunders here.


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  1. Yes, it was a good story. I used to take the train to Monash and it would have been a great one to take a bike on, since you otherwise face a frustrating bus ride at the Monash end! Good luck to him & the design.

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