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Repco rebuild #5: Freewheel problem

June 3, 2009

I’ve really hit a dead end with this wheel’s cluster. First I suspected it could have been a cassette but being a bit old I thought it couldn’t be and it was a screw on freewheel.

Sun Tour Freehub

Sun Tour Freehub

The LBS said it was a freewheel and the axle would come out regardless of taking the cluster off – it didn’t. I got the required freewheel remover for it (back of the workshop in the dusty corner) but still couldn’t budge it. So finally I gave in and gave it a squirt of WD40 which got it spinning but still no removal.

The shop where I got the tool said it turns anti-clockwise. But another freewheel I have screws off clockwise.

Last night with a chain whip holding it I hit the notced outer ring with a screwdriver and hammer and got it moving. It came off as a set of cassette rings, not a freewheel but the freehub was different to any I have seen before.

With holding one locknut of the axle I unscrewed it removing the axle but still can’t get neat the bearings on the drive side. I can see them and while the non drive side were in a bearing cage this side they are loose from their cage – which is where I am guessing the noise is coming from.

What to do?


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  1. It is a just a screw-on freewheel, but has replaceable* cogs. I’d put a suntour free wheel remover (2-prong) in a bench vice, put the wheel on top of that (might want to put the axle back in and use a wheel nut to help hold the tool in place) and then turn the wheel anticlockwise [In effect turning the tool clockwise].

    (* replaceable but they probably never supplied spares)

  2. Yes. I have seen the vice technique.

    If I do get it off can it be replaced with a screw on Shimano 7 speed?

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