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Repco rebuild #4 Stuck freewheel

May 25, 2009

I’m up to putting the bicycle back together again. I’ve got a new saddle, new cables and outers. The front wheel has had it’s bearings done and rim polished up with Mothers chrome polish. I’ve put the cable in for the front brake but the back one has a weird run that is always in it’s outer casing – really badly designed.

But my main problem is the rear wheel. I tried looking for a freewheel removal tool but the shop didn’t have one but said I should just be able to use a cone spanner and take the axle out. I tried this but only got one side off. I still need to get the freewheel off – or is it an early type of cassette as the shop suggested?

Suntour freewheel - any ideas?

Suntour freewheel - any ideas?

My other main reason for getting it off is there is a really bad grinding noise when I turn the wheel – really bad. Like there is some pretty gritty sand in there. If you remember when I first tool the rear off I couldn’t even turn the cluster freely so it is a big improvement.

I’ll keep shopping around for answers.


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