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Repco repair #2

May 13, 2009

I got the freewheel moving butĀ  not off yet. Got to get a freewheel removerĀ  – which I have been through before so I’m going to take the wheel to the LBS and make sure I get the right one. Then I’ll need to asses it. It’s pretty grindy sounding but might prove better to buy a new one.

bottom bracket - yucko

bottom bracket - yucko

With the rest of my limited time I’ve striped off the cables, stand, bottle cage, and other stuff and was going to give it a wash-down and degrease then get stuck into it with the Sonax paintwork cleaner – this stuff is amazing.

I also chucked the pedals to get some nice new replacements – they’re cheap and make a nice difference. Out goes the stand and the saddle is also pretty buggered so a nice new squishy one as well.

Good news is Anaconda has a sale on at the moment and I’m going to try and grab a few of these things on sale.

Can’t wait to get stuck into those bearings after getting the cranks off.


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