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New repair project – Repco

May 11, 2009

I have a new project.

Repco MTB

Repco MTB

I won’t go into the trade except to say both ways involved bicycles. My part of the deal is I have to fix his a bike that was his mother in laws. Friend wants to be able to ride around with his daughter on the back in a seat – something you just can’t do on a Colenago!

Pity it’s cold at night now but I did get started by taking lots of pictures so I can remember how things went before. I am OK at bike repair but sometimes it’s good to have a reference point.

Job #1 was to take the rear wheel off and see if it was a freewheel or cassette – I guessed for the age a freewheel (Suntour) but I didn’t expect it to be so stuck.

Check out the video below and stay in touch to see how it’s all going.


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