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Bike Parking Solutions

May 7, 2009

Safe places to lock up you bike is an ongoing issue – at the station, in the city, uni or workplaces by at sometime we all have to secure it to a pole, dedicated bike rack or tree.

David Byrne bike rack in NYC

David Byrne bike rack in NYC (Taulu)

In NYC Talking Heads singer, artist and cyclist David Byrne famously designed some interesting bike racks for the city he is most identified with – NYC.

Now Bike Arc is a company that has mixed art and style with practical requirements. The Rac Arc was designed to offer basic, affordable, and attractive bicycle parking. It is a unique design that organizes and honors the bicycle while offering superb security. The design offers a variety of configurations adaptable to commercial and public realms, but is equally effective for use in a single-family home. The Rac Arc can also cantilever over existing or proposed landscaped areas.

Rack Arc by Bike Arc

Rack Arc by Bike Arc

Not only are they useful, like David Byrne’s creations, they are Fa fa fa far cooler than anything we have in Adelaide at the moment.

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