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It’s raining!

April 22, 2009

In Sydney, as I have written before, it always rains at Easter. In Adelaide it rains from ANZAC day.

Wet ride home (pic:Amsterdamize)

Wet ride home (pic:Amsterdamize)

Today it is dark at 2pm and we are getting some welcome rains. The weekend it’s forcast to get even heavier.

Is this the date on the calendar that marks the end of your riding season. Too dark? too wet? For me I have already put my mudguards back on and done a bit of pre winter maintenace with the ‘wet’ lube (as opposed to the ‘dry’ which is still wet really- I don’t get that.)

I look forward to winter dry commuting because I can just wear my jeans put on my pants clips and get going. Wet doesn’t bother me too much nor does the cold. It is harder to get out of bed though.

Hopefully we can keep the winter fires buring at Adelaide Cyclists to keep you going.


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  1. Smudge permalink

    No you don’t stop riding, but you do put the carbon away for the good days and break out the alloy or a mountain bike. Slip on a rain jacket or gillet, some tights, neoprene booties if it is really cold and wet, and head out and have fun!

    A mate and I went out this morning for a couple of hours, and both enjoyed the workout we got riding into the wind! There were meant to be others, a couple started riding to join us, decided it was too wet, and went home!

    So as long as you have somewhere to hang out your gear to dry, no, it is never too wet or windy to ride!

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