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Hoorah! Steel is back

April 22, 2009

Wired Magazine.. in the true tradition of the long tail is reporting that, after visiting the interbike conference that, cold hard steel is back and popular with frame makers.

Bianchi Steel (pic Richard Massoner

Bianchi Steel (pic Richard Massoner)

You only need to have been watching the American Handmade Bicycle Show blog to know that frame makers, and their customers love steel. Salsa, Surly and Swobo (the esses) all are producing popular steel framed products and selling them.

“Steel is almost the perfect material for bikes. Workability, longevity, ride quality: Steel is it.”said Swobo’s Sky Yeager.

Now to get the aluminimum seat post that is stuck in my steel Ricardo out so I can get riding it again.. now I can show my face in the cycling public again.

Read the full article in Wired.


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