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Bit of orange juice gets you going

April 21, 2009

Personally I must have an espresso before an early moring ride but I am watching the fruit of my orange tree near ripeness and looking forward to getting the juicers out.

When I say orange juice I am really referring to orange oil o citris degreaser. Wonderful stuff. On the weekend I took some time to clean up two of my bikes. The Giant OCR2 and the Giant Boulder which I commute to work on and had been a bit neglected of late.

Orange Oil

Orange Oil (Derek Purdy

I had got some more orange concentrate in a big bottle and nicked my wifes water spray bottle she uses for ironing and prepped it at 4:1 and then (after covering my bottom bracket in a tip I learnt recently) I began to spray onto my chain while turning the crank anticlockwise.  It’s amazing how after only a few full revolutions while soaking the chain you can feel it free up. It’s really satisfying.

I don’t have one of those ‘washing machine’ units – I think I will. Might be easier to do it more often.

It’s funny how these little, but important, tasks make such a big difference… and it’s all natural!


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