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A long weekend, finally a time for…

April 16, 2009

I’ve only been in Adelaide for not quite two years. It didn’t take me long to appreciate two things: It is a great place to ride a bike and it doesn’t rain at Easter, unlike Sydney.

Rain! You don’t know rain until you have been in Sydney at Easter. I think it is the fact you can’t get out of the house. You can’t even escape to work. It just rains and rains. My wife is always tells me of one Easter her housemate decided to get out every piece of clothing she owned and sort it in the lounge room. Trapped and smothered by someone else’s op shop finds.

This weekend, apart from a few rides, I am going to do something I enjoy more than planting all new natives in my garden (that was last weekend). I’m going hang up my bikes with rope and repack my bearings in grease, tune my gears, true my wheels, replace my brakepads, get out the mudguards, change the threaded headset on the Ricardo for another, strip an old Apollo to ready it for a respray, polish up the old frames with Sonox and Mothers and all the while drink a nice beer (I have some Barons Larger for this weekend) and listen to records, or Radio National, in the sun.

Beer carrier

Beer carrier

There is something really Zen about it. Making great things like bikes go better. I cannot stand a squeak or a rattle or a tickticktick. Drives me nuts, but fixing it is lovely.

Have a nice weekend all and may you do what you want to do.

<i>Pic Extra Funky (Flickr)</i>


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